Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Fun Before Baby!

Aunt Tanya came to Wisconsin to visit back in June and we went out on Grandpa's boat.  Isaac is so good about wearing his life jacket on the pier and in the boat.  He never complains about it.  We are excited for Aunt Tanya to come back and visit us (and the new baby) at the beginning of September.  In the meantime, we are just waiting for Baby Gore #2 to arrive.  Our due date is Friday, August 1, but Isaac was six days late so we are not sure what to expect. 

38 weeks

39 weeks

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Outdoor Fun

The warmer weather has finally arrived.  We have been spending a significant amount of time outside playing baseball and going to the park.  Mimi, Aunt Katie, cousin Eli and Evelyn visited us for a fun day at the park. 

Daddy teaching Isaac how to use his new tee.

Isaac loves watering the flowers.

On the way to the park.

Such a happy girl

Not many ducks to feed so we fed the fish instead.
Alex and some of his law school friends get together every year to go golfing.  The wives and kids hang out while they are golfing and then we grill out.  This is the first year that the kids were old enough to play together.  It was so fun. 


They were all in need of some quiet time. 

Easter Egg Hunts

I recognize that Easter was almost two months ago but I thought it was better to post it late than not post it at all.  Here are quite a few photos from our Easter fun in Madison.   


Going to feed the ducks

Watering some plants

It is pretty risky to dye eggs with a two year old but he did a great job.  No major stains so I would consider it a success.

This is the best one I got.

He is distracted by the eggs.

Silly Pa!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Airplanes, dolphins and sand castles!

I wish I could go back one month and be in Florida again.  It has taken me a while to get this post up so it has already been a month since we went to Florida.  It was such a fun trip with all the cousins.  The eighty-five degree weather felt significantly different than Wisconsin weather that has been in the thirties with snow. 

Isaac would wake up in the morning, ask to play with his cousins and then want to go outside and dig in the sand.  If only we could be on vacation every week! 

Our vacation was filled with good food, a day at Sea World and a lot of swimming and making sand castles with the shovels and buckets that Mimi bought.  Here are a few pictures to capture our memorable vacation. 

Can we go back now?

Decorating cookies for St. Patrick's Day!

It is ready to eat.

All the cousins decorating cookies.

Touching the stingrays at Sea World.

Waving to the dolphins.

Nap time!  Isaac fell asleep for a few hours after lunch.

We are in an aquarium.

Nice hat Uncle P.

Snack time.