Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Airplanes, dolphins and sand castles!

I wish I could go back one month and be in Florida again.  It has taken me a while to get this post up so it has already been a month since we went to Florida.  It was such a fun trip with all the cousins.  The eighty-five degree weather felt significantly different than Wisconsin weather that has been in the thirties with snow. 

Isaac would wake up in the morning, ask to play with his cousins and then want to go outside and dig in the sand.  If only we could be on vacation every week! 

Our vacation was filled with good food, a day at Sea World and a lot of swimming and making sand castles with the shovels and buckets that Mimi bought.  Here are a few pictures to capture our memorable vacation. 

Can we go back now?

Decorating cookies for St. Patrick's Day!

It is ready to eat.

All the cousins decorating cookies.

Touching the stingrays at Sea World.

Waving to the dolphins.

Nap time!  Isaac fell asleep for a few hours after lunch.

We are in an aquarium.

Nice hat Uncle P.

Snack time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday Boy - Two Years Old

Isaac turned two in the middle of January.  I am quite behind in blogging seeing as it is already March!  It is hard to believe that our loving, little boy is two.  We had our families over to celebrate and Isaac thoroughly enjoyed the presents, balloons, cupcakes and playing with his cousins.  He got a play vacuum, tricycle, basketball hoop, a big chair and many other nice gifts.
I planned an Elmo (Sesame Street) birthday party before Isaac became obsessed with Mickey Mouse.  He loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he has been carrying his Mickey stuffed animal around the house.
At age two, he pretty much speaks in full sentences and sings quite a few songs.  Lately, he has been going to story hour at the library with Mimi on Mondays and music class with me on Wednesdays.  Between the two classes, he has learned quite a few songs. At his two year doctor appointment, Isaac sang the alphabet to our pediatrician after she noted that he speaks very well.  He bumped up in height and weight percentiles from his 18 month to two year appointment.  He weighed 26.6 pounds at two years old!
Here are a few pictures from his party.